Holly is a purebred female
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier
Her DOB is 1/10

Holly was brought into a shelter as a
stray and quickly became one of the
shelter favorites even with all her skin
issues. S'Wheat Rescues was contacted
and asked to take her into Rescue and
help her with her medical issues.

Some info from her foster mom:
"She is a really sweet dog who belonged
to someone at some time. She is
housetrained, walks well on a leash,
enjoys her bathtime and loves to be
petted.  She would like to get on the
furniture, but due to the severe skin
infection she is not allowed there yet.  
She has been seen by a vet and is on an
antibiotic and ear drops for her severely
infected ears.  They have done a skin
scraping and are waiting to hear back
exactly what is going on and what
antibiotic is going to be the best one to
treat her skin infections"

S'Wheat Rescues has already incurred
significant vet bills for Holly which will
be ongoing as we work with a vet to find
out the cause of her skin issues and get
her healthy enough for adoption. Angel
donations would be very much
appreciated to help with her mounting
veterinary bills. Please click on the
Wheaten Angel on the top right of the
page if you can help!

Holly is spayed and is up to date on
shots. She is located in
Westport CT
Wendy Wheaton Cusick
Holly will not be available for
adoption until her medical
issues have been resolved.
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A gift from the
Dooley/Godfrey family in
recognition of the many
"good turns" done by
Manny Francis.
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