S'Wheat Rescues
Foster Information
and Application
S'Wheat Rescues is an adoption and referral organization dedicated to placing Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers who
have been abandoned, neglected, puppy mill victims or whose present home cannot, or will not, keep them any
longer into caring, loving and permanent homes.
Fostering a dog is a very rewarding experience. However, it can be hard work and is not a decision that should be
made lightly. When a dog comes into rescue we may or may not know something about the dogs background. Even
when the dog comes directly from an owner, they are not always completely honest about the dog. A dog is placed
in foster care so that we can evaluate the dogs health and temperament prior to placing the dog in a forever home.
Care has to be taken with a dog that has newly come into foster care until these things are determined. Foster
homes are responsible for basic care, food, water, shelter, grooming, transportation to vet and grooming
appointments, etc.  The rescue will cover all vet and grooming costs as long as the foster home has requested and
received approval PRIOR TO incurring the costs. The foster home is responsible to keep the dogs coat in good
condition while in their care. There is a contract that must be signed by anyone fostering that details all the specific
duties of a foster home.

Click here to download sample Foster Contract.

In the majority of the cases, dogs that come into rescue are not housebroken so foster homes must be willing and
able to deal with this and work with the dog in housebreaking. Also in a lot of cases the dog will need work on basic
commands, proper behavior in a home and on leash, etc. It is essential you have a crate for the foster dog while the
dog is in your care. Even if you don't crate your personal dogs, foster dogs must be crated when no one is home or
supervising the dog. There is no general amount of time a dog may be in foster. Depending on the dogs health,
training issues, etc., a foster period can run anywhere from a couple of weeks to several months.

If you have another dog and or cats in the home you will need to be prepared to keep them separated should the
animals not get along. Should this happen or some other reason that the foster home can no longer foster, we will
do our best to move the dog into another foster home as quickly as possible but this can sometimes take 2-3 weeks
to accomplish this, this is not a situation where we can come and pick up the dog immediately.

In some cases, dogs are placed in a foster home that has the intention of adopting the dog or during the foster
period the foster decides they wish to adopt the dog. Foster homes are given first option on adopting the dog but
they must meet all the adoption requirements that any adopter must meet and they must pass all the same
reference and vet checks and homechecks. There is however, no guarantee that the foster home will be approved
to adopt the dog and the Rescue reserves the right to place the dog in whatever home we feel best meets the
needs of the dog in question.
If you are interested in fostering a particular dog, please email our foster
coordinator by clicking
HERE  and let us know which dog you are
interested in AFTER filling out the foster application.