Wendy Wheaton Cusick

Bruschi is a purebred male
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier.
His DOB is 5/13

Bruschi is a owner turn-in.
From the owner:
"Bruschi is great with kids and other
dogs, he is very friendly and sweet.  He
does the typical wheaten greetin', but he
is very well behaved.  He walks well on a
leash and knows basic commands.  We
have worked with him since he was a
puppy and he has gotten used to having
us around.  The problem is we cannot
always be here.  He would never have
an accident or purposely go in the
house if we are with him.  It is just when
we leave him it happens.  Bruschi needs
someone who can work with him to
properly desensitize him and we just are
not the right family to do it."

Bruschi will do best in a home with
another dog to keep him company and
help with his separation anxiety.

Bruschi is neutered and up to date on
shots. He is located in Shirley, NY
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